Welcome to my little gallery on the World Wide Web! Talking about myself in a statement always feels pretty awkward, which is probably why I prefer creating artwork to help me express who I really am. Through painting, drawing, glueing, cutting and just getting messy, I find I am able to communicate from a deeper part of myself that is open and sincere. 

My intention in creating artwork is to make it with meaning, so when I look back at it 5, 20 or 50 years later it still has substance. It's not just a pretty picture, but one that holds a story. I always want to show the most authentic parts of myself through my artwork and hopefully connect with the viewer and inspire them to live and express their truest selves.

After receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, I took a small detour and became a Cosmetologist/Esthetician, which I believe to be another form of art. I juggled the two careers for a few years, until I made the decision to dedicate myself to my artwork once again. Being an artist is something I always knew I was and I have felt a sort of responsibility to share what I know and sometimes even what I don't know.

There is a continuous story to paint. The challenge is finding the right words to say it through a paint brush. I don't always know how to do it, but I know I will go through a thousand canvases until I get it right. This is what my gallery is. My efforts to speak my thoughts and truths.